News & Updates
  Trust Agreement through Amendment H PDF
  Collective Bargaining Agreement Coverage Policy
  Delinquent Contributions Policy
  Pension Protection Act Policy pdf
  Payroll Audit Policy pdf
  Employer Surcharge Notice - 5/2009
  Employer Surcharge Reminder Notice - 7/2009
  Board of Trustees pdf
  Welcome Letter Actives
  Welcome Letter Retirees
  Participant Letter Regarding Pension Benefit Reduction and Recovery Plan pdf
  Notice of Application for Approval of a Proposed Reduction of Benefits - 02/15/2017 pdf
  Participant Letter Regarding Red Zone Status
  Notice of Critical and Declining Status-2017 pdfd
  Notice of Critical and Declining Status-2016 pdfd
  Notice of Critical Status-2015 pdfd
  Notice of Critical Status-2014 pdfd
  Notice of Critical Status-2013
  Notice of Critical Status-2012
  Notice of Critical Status-2011
  Notice of Critical Status-2010
  Notice of Critical Status-2009
  Annual Funding Notice-2016 pdf
  Annual Funding Notice-2015 pdf
  Annual Funding Notice-2014 pdf
  Annual Funding Notice-2013 pdf
  Annual Funding Notice-2012
  Annual Funding Notice-2011
  Annual Funding Notice-2010
  Annual Funding Notice-2009
  Withdrawal Liability Policy
  WSOPE Rehabilitation Plan Q&A’s pdf
  Rehabilitation Plan 01/01/2013
  Rehabilitation Plan 3/2012
  Rehabilitation Plan 03/2010
  Rehabilitation Plan 11/2009
  Rehabilitation Plan - Default Supplemental Employer Contribution Schedule
  Rehabilitation Plan - Supplemental Employer Contribution Schedule PDF

Joint & Survivor Benefit Factors

  OWS - 50% JS Option Factors
  OWS - 50% Popup JS Option Factors
  OWS - 67% JS Option Factors
  OWS - 67% Popup JS Option Factors
  OWS - 100% JS Option Factors
  OWS - 100% Popup JS Option Factors
  OWS - JS Option Factors - Formatted (P 75-95 S 75-95) pdf